Rodman reservoir is A premier largemouth bass fishery located in north Florida, it covers over 9,000 acres and is over 15 miles long.
It is located south of Palatka off of Hwy 19. The reservoir created in 1968 when an earthen dam was built across the Ocklawaha River.
A four-gate spillway (Kirkpatrick Dam) controls the water levels of the reservoir. The reservoir from its headwaters at Eureka Dam to Paynes Landing consists of beautiful flooded woodlands. The transition from Paynes Landing to Orange Springs consists of flooded standing timber and areas of floating vegetation. The pool section from Orange Springs to Kirkpatrick Dam, including the river channel and the Cross Florida Barge Canal,
consists of floating and submersed vegetation, dead standing timber and submersed and partially submerged trees and stumps.
The Barge Canal and river channel have water depth to 30 feet deep. largemouth bass anglers will have success fishing the river channel with deep crank baits and Carolina-rigged worms. the Early morning and evening top water action should also be good along the flats adjacent to the river channel from Orange Springs to Eureka. Submersed vegetation (hydrilla, coontail and eel grass) is common in the pool section of the reservoir.
the Drawdowns are conducted every three to four years on the reservoir for aquatic plant control and fish and wildlife habitat enhancement. for more information on the lake click here


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Very knowledgeable, and went out of way to find fish when the bite went south. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who wishes to fish.The scenery and wildlife added to a very pleasant trip.
Customer Report
This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for the last 3 days from the Rodman Reservoir.

I guided John, Greg and Palmer for the last couple of days out there for bass fishing, we fished using shiners only. Yesterday was a pretty good day, wind blew a lot but we still managed to catch 25+ fish.

Fishing Report
I guided Wesley all the way from Texas on the Rodman Reservoir today. The trip started out pretty good, we had a nice bass on a buzz-bait right off the start. Then we caught a couple of more bass by dragging wild shiners behind the boat as we fish artificial. Of course we ended up losing a few, but that’s why they call it fishing and not catching…lol
Fishing Report
It was a beautiful day out there today, I took Christian and his friend Stuart from the U. K. and his son’s Rainy and Aden out for our trip on Rodman Reservoir. We artificial lure, using Bass Assassin lures and also some shiners. We ended up catching about (15) fifteen bass I would imagine. Rainy ended up catching the biggest fish today on one of the very last shiners we had. The fish weighted (6 lbs 14 oz)
Fishing Report
I guided a (1/2) half day fishing trip today for a party of (4) four. Steven, Johnny, Sandy and Paul were from Texas. And we had a real nice day, a lot of fun. We had a lot of bites, we caught about a dozen bass or so. Paul had the biggest which was just under (6) six pounds.
Fishing Report

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Capt Steve Niemoeller

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