Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report with Capt Tony

Captain Tony Summers here with your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report.

I had a great day today out with Peter and his son down from Minnesota starting to freeze up there. So they’re all coming down to see us. We had a great day out there today. We had close to 20 with the biggest in just over 7 pounds pretty good day, the bite is really starting to turn on out there. They’re starting to come out to bed, water temperatures getting right for it now. We had a full moon this week. Things are really starting to turn on up here and Rodman the place right now is 7 feet low They’re on their third-year drawdown. They do every 3 years, so its really stacking the fish up. You know we just kind of bounced around from spot to spot and picked up 5 to 8 fish every spot, and it can be fun. We caught four of our fish on artificial but most of our fish came from using wild shiners, and you put those things in front of them and they just eat them up fast as candy. Another great day at Rodman reservoir. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys coming down to us you can look us up at

This is Captain Tony Summers with your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report,

Thank you guys till next time fish on.