Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Guide Capt Tony Summers

Hey Guys, This is your Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Guide Capt Tony Summers with a fishing report, Just getting back from an awesome trip this morning. I had the pleasure of fishing with Johnny and George from South Orlando Down in Kissimmee. We did a number on the fish this morning despite the cold weather it was probably around low 30s when we started, but it was nice it warmed up into the Hi fifties and sixties as the day progressed, and as it got warmer the fish just decided to turn on we ended up with 25, in the boat probably missed that many. We had a really good day fishing live bait did not fish any artificial and just anytime we put a shiner in front of their face they ate it. Having a lot of fun fishing Rodman right now, in the drop-down the fish are stacked up on top of each other making for some fun days and we are having a lot of fun catching a lot of fish. Hope you guys come out.

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Capt Tony Summers til next time fish on.