Rodman Reservoir Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller

Hello, everyone. This is your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been up to Rodman been fishing everywhere else. Just hadn’t been up there lately. I got a trip up there with Gary and Diana from Savannah, Georgia and had probably an inch and a half of rain overnight It was still raining when we got there and launch the boat this morning, and then quit right after that then it started raining up again about 9 o’clock and then between time we had 20 to 40 mile an hour winds, and I was really hoping just to get a bite we was fishing shiners and we actually ended up with 25 or 30 bass today. And Gary ended the day with the one that was just barely under 7 pounds? So I was really really pleased with all that wind we had and the temperature’s dropping and it wouldn’t get out the fifties all day So I was really really pleased that we even got any fish today so hopefully they’ll come back down in the near future, and try it again sometime and for everybody else out there for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to we will take care of you there Thank you.