Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve

This is your Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve with a fishing report. today We were back up there again, and I had a cal and nick came down from other states and spend the winters down here fish a little bit. We went out there on the rodman, and they fished it once or twice before I guess and wanted to hire us to see what we did differently so we went out and caught about a dozen bass today most that was in 4 5 pound range pretty nice day. Had a lot more on they would get us in some pretty heavy stuff around a lot of laydowns. We had a break few of them off and some of them just got off, but anyways. It was a pretty exciting day it was a 6-hour trip it was cold this morning little over 33 degrees when we left the ramp and It had never really done warm up very much at all today. But the guys will come back and see us again sometime and maybe even go saltwater trip with me. This is Captain Steve. Let bass online be the choice for everybody out there for all your fresh or saltwater fishing Adventures You give us a call, Thank you.