Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller

this is your Central Florida Bass fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller with a fishing report for the last 3 days i have been fishing Mark and JC from northern Indiana and just so happened we all knew lot of the same people in area that i live there around Indiana and that is one way that you could get a hold of me they went through a friend of of ours in Indiana there so that was quite nice, but first day we fished the St Johns River here and they are staying at castaways here on the river and we had 15 large mouth that day biggest was probably about three and a half pounds it was pretty tight fishing, for the next day we took off went up to Rodman Reservoir wind blew about 30 miles an hour with 15 mile an hour gusts and it rain most the day we ended up though we had a pretty good day we caught bass up to about 5 pounds 5 and half pounds and we caught 35 up there around that and then today we went on the st johns river wind was blowing it was 40 degrees when we took off from the ramp this morning and the chill factor was down around 32 degrees and went out here on the saint johns river again and started fishing the sea walls are close to Astor and we are in 5 minutes and JC caught one it is about 4 pounds and they caught couple more there off the sea wall and we were running around here there and then hit another sea wall or two or take and he lost one that was a problem 9 to 10 pounds and then we ended up i guess the wind blew steady hard we ended up back up there in the creek and to finish the day out we ended up with about 12 today so all in all with it being windshield factor down around 32 here it is around 3 o’clock in the afternoon there’s only mid 40s right now still so it haven’t really warmed up, i was pretty pleased with the day this has been your Central Florida Bass fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller with a fishing report. for all your fresh water fishing adventures go to bassonline.com tight lines until next time.