North Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing Excursion

The Rodman Reservoir is turning on this time of year. Florida Fishing is at its peak and if you haven’t visited North Florida, it’s a must. Outdoor adventures are becoming a warming addition to your travel plans, nowadays. We had an amazing North Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing Excursion.

I had the pleasure to fish with Dr. Chris and his two other buddies. The goal was for Doctor Chris to catch a BIG fish. They traveled from Texas to hunt for North Florida Largemouth Bass.

The conditions for fishing were fair, with the weather not really cooperating all day. The Doc still caught a quality Largemouth Bass, weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces.

His friends caught them up too, leaving the big bass for the Doc. A large mudfish came to play as well. Fighting a big mudfish is always a good time. They surprisingly loved catching it.

One of the better fishing days are the ones you get to laugh and share memories with. I hope they travel to Florida again soon to catch the true Giant they are looking for.

Come Catch Yours with Capt Chris Davy on the Rodman Reservoir.

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