Hot Summer Bass Fishing

The weather is hot here in Florida but the fishing is even hotter. A hot summer bass fishing adventure will be one you will never forget. Every trip and charter will provide you with a unique experience and we hope that you get a chance to experience what Florida has to offer. North Florida is a beautiful place to explore and visit, especially when looking to catch big bass. Our local experts are the ones that can get it done and put the fish of a lifetime in the boat for you!

It is not every day that you get the chance to catch big Florida bass. North Florida is home to some special fishing, especially for largemouth bass. Our local experts are specialized in catching trophy largemouth bass. When you are embarking on an adventure in North Florida, make sure to visit the beautiful and magical Rodman Reservoir. It is an amazing place to explore and visit!

Check out this North Florida Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Ken Walker is one of the BEST guides to fish on the Reservoir. This August, he had the pleasure of fishing with Joel, his daughter Amy, and his son-in-law Matt. There is nothing like getting out on the water with family. While they were traveling from Kentucky on a family vacation, Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing was a must.

The weather was very hot on this fishing trip but so were the big bass. Conditions this tough can make you shy away from freshwater bass fishing but in North Florida, it heats up. The action was strong on this fishing trip with wild-caught live shiners.

Joel managed to land 4 Rodman monster largemouth bass. He did not leave room for anyone else to catch a trophy fish. Everyone on board had a blast catching bass, gar, and mudfish though. Joel just happened to take the prizes on this trip with a 10-7, 10-3, and a pair of 8 pounds 6-ounce largemouth bass.

Nothing beats a day on the water like this one. Joel, Amy, and Matt all had a great time fishing on the Rodman Reservoir. Captain Ken Walker is looking forward to getting them back on the water soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Ken was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Tremayne. He was looking to fulfill a bucket list item and that was to catch a GIANT trophy largemouth bass. The Rodman Reservoir paired up with Captain Ken Walker can produce these results to you.

Tremayne was looking for his new personal best largemouth bass. Well, you can check that off with two golden stars. Tremayne caught 2 Rodman Monster bass weighing in at 10 pounds 4 ounces and the other at 10 pounds even. He also caught 7 other bass up to 7.5 pounds. It was an epic day for him.

The Rodman Reservoir is the MOST productive big bass fishery in the state of Florida. Tremayne had a blast catching the fish he was after. Captain Ken is looking forward to their next fishing adventure on the water!

If there is one place this summer and early fall that you can capitalize on catching big bass, it’s this destination. The Rodman Reservoir is ready for you and our local experts will work hard at getting you on the fish of your dreams. We are here to provide you a tour of what makes North Florida such an amazing place. We hope one day we get to share this experience with you. Don’t miss out on your adventure!!

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